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i am love

I AM LOVE aura spray

Notes of geranium, litsea, ylang ylang and scents of citrus, plus the added healing aid of bush flower remedies to help uplift the soul and reestablish a passion for love and life; blended into rosewater to form a delicious mist for you! 

This is a perfect gift for girls who are struggling to accept themselves, and right around the corner for valentine’s day, you bet it’s an amazing gift idea for a loved one! 

Each bottle of I AM LOVE is handcrafted in Australia and infused with reiki and high vibe intentions. 


What Is Yoga?

In the West, Yoga is seen as a studio exercise mat class, but there's much more to the discipline than a set of postures. Click below to find out a bit about what yoga is and how it can change your life.



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