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Merging Disciplines

Marisa utilises several healing modalities and information from multiple areas of study to inform her clients of the best possible options to assist their healing journey. A multidisciplinary holistic approach ensures each client gets the tools they need to build a better life for themselves. 


What Is Yoga?

In the West, Yoga is seen as a studio exercise mat class, but there's much more to the discipline than a set of postures. Click below to find out a bit about what yoga is and how it can change your life.


Learn from Nature

There is a higher intelligence within nature that cannot be replicated. It has a synergy and an energy that cannot be duplicated synthetically. That is why it's essential to use natural products in your home - as essential as it is to consume natural foods. The intelligence of nature is found in every single plant, and when we are in tune with it, we benefit from it. By replacing our conventional cleaning and body products with natural ingredients and essential oils, we can begin to tune in to the power of the plant world. Click below to shop my range of doTERRA essential oils, or contact me if you'd like to learn how to incorporate nature into your life with no obligation to shop.


The Path To Liberation

Emotional intelligence is the key to freedom, liberation and ultimate identification of the Self. Using strong emotional intelligence, we can begin to filter out undesirable circumstances and responses in our lives that would otherwise lead to sabotaging of our relationships and goals. 



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