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aum sprays

AUM aura & energy sprays

The AUM aura and energy sprays are 100% natural and non-toxic mists that use plant-powered ingredients to create a refreshing emotion potion. Fused with reiki and handmade by Marisa, each one supports a different area of self-development most common to those of us on the path toward Self Awareness. Made with a selection of 100% pure essential oils, bush flower remedies, floral essence waters and living mountain spring water from Northern Rivers region of Australia, these fragrances are safe to use on your body and in your home, and offer the highest of vibes to our souls and the earth. Amber glass bottles are reusable and recyclable. Hooray for Pacha Mama! 


What Is Yoga?

In the West, Yoga is seen as a studio exercise mat class, but there's much more to the discipline than a set of postures. Click below to find out a bit about what yoga is and how it can change your life.



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