Yoga for every body

teaching you to understand the journey on and off your mat



I focus on teaching absolute beginners and those new to the practice, as well as those who have practiced traditional yoga and are looking for something more introspective, how to understand and incorporate yoga asana (postures) and philosophy into their lives. I encourage self acceptance and love throughout the yoga practice, as well as deep introspection and self-awareness.

The tone is accepting, light, and when I'm on my game, kinda funny! There is no pretentiousness in my classes, making them perfect for beginners and people who shy away from big groups. The pace is moderate and intentional; Excellent for those who lack the strength or coordination to pursue faster vinyasa classes but still want to challenge their growth and develop strength and alignment awareness. These foundational classes will give you the ability to take what you learn into any future yoga class or studio and understand more complex sequences and faster flows. 



1 hour

1-3 people - $20 each person

classes focus on:
» grounding
» gentle strengthening
» proper alignment
» gentle releases
» acceptance and deep awareness

I start with gentle breath work before continuing into a sequence of both strong and gentle postures, with a mix of variations to accommodate every body. After savasana, the class is completed with a short and simple awareness meditation to centre you before sending you off.


1.5 hours

1 person - $75 

A custom series designed to provide a sequence that will help you build and deepen your personal yoga practice.

Perfect for those who have never tried yoga and beginner-intermediate practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of their bodies and practice. This will create confidence and understanding, which you will take with you to any class or retreat in future.
You will no longer feel confused or out of place on your yoga mat.


✦ What To Expect ✦

✩ Body Positivity (juicy booties, curvy spines, tight joints and muscles, and all body shapes and sizes are welcome)
✩ Tiny classes (1-3 people)
✩ Realistic sequences (no need to stand on your head or scratch your ears with your bum)
✩ Honest feedback (verbal corrections to help you access your best version of the postures)
✩ Hands-on adjustments (physical touches to help deepen the pose or to bring you in alignment within a posture)


✦ What To Bring ✦

» yoga mat
» yoga block (optional)
» sense of wonder


✦ The Schedule ✦

Mondays 7am & 7pm

Tuesdays 7am & 7pm

Fridays 7am & 7pm


✦ the Location ✦ 
Kirra Beach, australia (indoors)

✦ To book ✦
0456 585 098

text your name, preferred date, and time. 
(Online scheduling system coming soon)