Social Media Management

Welcome to the wonderful world of authentic social media management! I’m Marisa, and I’d love to manage your feeds.

I’m a writer, blogger, holistic nutritionist, and yoga teacher, as well as a graduate of socio-cultural anthropology, where I became fascinated with how people react and respond to media. I love communicating online through graphic images and social media content. 

Authentic online interaction and customised graphics will help to increase your followers organically while keeping them up to date with your wellness business. Unlike other more robotic social media strategies, I ensure your feeds come out looking stunning, consistent, and informative, as well as welcoming and personalised to your clients and community.

I enjoy talking to people online through graphic images and content. I adore selling businesses I believe in. My belief is that authentic online marketing and social media interactions are much more effective at attracting and keeping the right audience and creating an online space that spreads your vibe.

My heart-centred approach will attract the community that is right for you. My goal is to offer my style of social media management to people and businesses who are looking for something more than just a long list of followers; Those looking to add peace, wellness, and love to the world, one post at a time.  

If you're interested, get in touch and we can set up a free meeting to discuss your brand, needs, budget, and more.



just a few of my current projects



Benny and Asher at Freedom Float wanted a feed that would introduce their centre to the Burleigh Heads community and keep everyone informed on upcoming workshops and specials.

With aquas, greens, and natural elements as their inspiration, I crafted a feed that is both informative and congruent to the Freedom Float feel. 


Jo's message is simple: You are enough and you are supported; Be yourself and create your own path. 

With her favourite reds and purples and bold block quotes, we utilise Jo's feed to keep her clients up-to-date on her services and workshops, as well as to share her passion - doTERRA essential oils. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 7.54.41 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 8.01.01 pm.png


Amanda is a multi-passionate healer who wanted to expand her community to the greater Gold Coast area. We talked about her inspirations, her goals and dreams, and then created a vision board that aimed to capture moods and feelings that spoke to her soul.

Here I use greys and pale pinks, along with specific fonts to spread Amanda's gentle vibe and message of love and self-acceptance.