A Passion to Communicate


Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to get to know a bit about me. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada but have since traveled extensively and ended up settling in on the Southern Gold Coast of Australia. Here I teach and continue to study yoga and various alternative modalities, and I facilitate workshops on wellness and yoga philosophy. 

Back home I began my education on the science side of things. I love nature, and ever since childhood I've preferred to to spend my time outdoors communing with plants and animals. The natural worlds astounds me. I find a satisfying perfection in the nature of things: Be it chaos or calm, nature always has a perfect way of handling what comes. 

I grew up and entered university with a desire to know the world around me, and a vocation to heal. I studied many things, including biology, physics, astronomy, history, latin, anatomy and art. But I settled quite nicely into the study of Anthropology, becoming deeply obsessed with the workings of the human world. I had a knack for advanced theory and enjoyed dissecting the workings of the human collective. I spent a month in Hungary where I discovered the world's first in-tact ten million year old suid mandible, (Pig jaw! But I was looking for a primate...), and I've conducted socio-cultural research that has made it into two university text books. But I did not feel complete or satisfied with this path. I felt like I needed something more.

After graduating, I found holistic nutrition. I originally entered the field after discovering that I was able to cure my own depression by simply eliminating certain foods from my diet. I became undeniably aware of the deep connection between the mind and the food we feed it. The interconnectivity of our diet and our wellbeing astonished me. I continued to take advanced certifications in nutrition via post-graduate courses, and then found myself discovering the world of emotional wellbeing. 

My own life experiences and the baggage of a turbulent childhood lead me to study spiritual and holistic counselling, first in Toronto Canada by dabbling in several developmental courses, and then by obtaining my own certification in Sydney, Australia.

Throughout it all I have studied the science of yoga. What started out as a gentle way to get in shape turned out to be a life-changing practice that I now teach abroad. I follow the 8 Fold Path as taught by Patanjali, and I use modern references to land-home the ancient teachings of the Vedas to my students. My classes are both physical and philosophical. I teach yoga to beginners and intermediates alike, but I love introducing the practice to those who have never done it. Yoga philosophy has become my passion, and I run workshops bringing the ancient teachings alive in a modern context. 

I have studied many different disciplines and have overcome many hardships of physical, emotional, and spiritual nature. My thirst for knowledge started off externally, curious of the world around me, before it turned inward and then upward into the realms of forgiveness, mindfulness, and transcendence. This quest for knowledge has lead me to many places, and my vocation to communicate healing and wellness drives me. 

My wish is that if you find yourself on this website, in one of my classes, or joining one of my workshops, you take home one gem that enlightens and nourishes you: mind, body, or spirit. 



  • Honours BA. Specialist in Anthropology, University of Toronto, Toronto Canada 2010
  • High Honours Diploma of Holistic Nutrition, Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto Canada 2012
    • Advanced Certification in: 
      • Therapeutic Supplementation, 2013
      • Ayurvedic Medicine, 2014
      • Nutrition for Mental Health, 2015
      • Psychology of Eating, 2016
      • Detoxification and Biotransformation, 2017
  • Spiritual Counselling Skills Certificate, Metavision Institute Sydney Australia, 2016
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto Canada, 2015
  • Breathwork and Rebirthing under Swami Alakhmurti Saraswati, Ocean Shores Australia, 2016
  • Akashic Record Training with Antu Astar, Gold Coast Australia, 2016-Current
  • 500hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, The Byron Yoga Centre, Byron Bay Australia, 2017
  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner under Buddhist Monk Tenpa Kelsang, Gold Coast Australia, 2017
  • Shamanic Level One Practitioner with Kerry Henwood, Bangalow Australia, 2017
  • Classical Yoga Philosophy 250 hour Certification with Brenda Feuerstein, 2017-Current



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