What It Means To Be Organic and How To Avoid Getting Over Charged and Under Nourished with “Green Washed” Products

Although there’s plenty of controversy over organic produce, I want to remind everyone of a few things.

I know that corporations have abused our trust, and most of us are tired of trends and weary of false claims and green-washing. Green-washing is when a company markets a product to make it look healthier for you. An example of this is when the heart and stroke stamp, a breast cancer sticker, or a health check label is placed on things like bottled water, margarine, or canola oil. Another example is when a company utilizes the organic label to claim their cookies/processed oils/chocolate bars/fruit juices etc. are healthier for you.

But if you can find it in yourself to source out a good farmer and to commit to TRULY organic food, I promise you won’t be ripped off or disappointed. If you’re in the GTA I highly recommend Wheelbarrow Farms. They’re far but accessible and they contribute to plenty of farmer’s markets in town. Take a tour of their farm and you will be fascinated (and relieved) to see their amazing organic and biodynamic growing practices at work. There’s no false claims at Wheelbarrow.

The organic movement is rooted in good intentions, but it has been getting clouded by the greed of the corporate world. As your nutritionist I ask you not to associate truly organic foods with the false or controversial corporate claims and unhealthy (but organically branded) foods from the supermarket. I promise you our industries are different. I promise you that truly organic farmers are not in the business to rip you off.

why is it essential to buy organically grown produce?

The earth grows organic food. It was not until recent years that corporations changed that (for profit, not health). We are meant to eat produce that comes naturally from the earth. Our bodies are not able to maintain health for long on anything but NORMAL, aka organically grown food. This is a fact.

The earth’s soil is depleting. Conventional (aka corporate) growing practices destroy soil quality faster than anything the planet has known. Conventional growing practices are not normal. They are not beneficial to anyone. They are destructive. This is also a fact.

The chemicals used in conventional growing practices are toxic to the environment, to plants, insects, animals, and to humans. Pesticides were not invented to ward off famine. They were invented to increase financial gain for the  corporations involved. Another fact.

Truly organic (aka normal) farming practices do not hurt the environment, the insects, plants, or animals in it, or the human body with toxic chemicals and counterintuitive growing practices. Fact!

So you see, it’s not just about which apple has more vitamin C. It’s not about whether conventional food differs from organic food, nutrient-wise, or which radish gives you more for your money. The choice to buy organic food goes deeper than that.

Please understand that although corporate tactics are spoiling the organic label for us, it does not mean organic produce is a gaff, a lie, or a rip off.

If you are interested in eating healthy & contributing to planetary health by eating normally-grown (not corporately-grown) food, please source produce from farmers you can trust. Lucky for us, Toronto (among other big cities) has a ton of sources. As mentioned above, wheelbarrow farms is fantastic, but it doesn’t end there. Please get involved. Google makes the process of searching super easy. There’s no better way to learn than to do, so I encourage you to ask around and search away. Finding food you can trust is a lot easier than you think! Let’s all get involved.

Health & WellnessMarisa