How To Live Happier: 11 Quick Tips

Two summers ago I promised a couple of friends that I would visit them after they moved from Toronto to QLD, Australia. When the time to travel came, I panicked and cancelled twice. I was nervous to leave for two months; nervous of leaving my home and my dog for that long again after being in Europe only months before. For neglecting responsibilities again. For flying 26 hours straight across the ocean.

The day before I was set to leave I cancelled my ticket yet again, but then quickly rebooked. I was panic-stricken but I decided to squash my fears and jump in without thinking any further. This indecisiveness comes about any time I’m ignoring my intuition.  The trip to Australia turned out to be the best trip of my life, and as for my initial fears: My dog was fine, the house stayed standing, and only one bill was late when I arrived back home.

Of course, before even leaving Australia I changed my flight back to Toronto several times until finally settling on a date. Again I was fighting my gut, trying to get out of certain dates and aeroplane seats. I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to sit in economy either,  but I listened to my nagging intuition and left my final ticket and seat choice alone. I headed for Toronto knowing that after a 31-year search, I finally found the country I’d leave my hometown for. The decision was made.

Now it’s only 68 more days until I move to Australia to live with the man I met on that dreamy flight out of Sydney.

I’ve spent 31 years in Toronto – complaining about the life I built here – spending more money on travelling away from this city than on any other thing in my life – and the second I made the decision to leave, the universe poured possibility into my lap.

Don’t wait too long to do what makes you happy. Don’t wait to have the right job or the right amount of money or the right partner or health. Decide what you want now and follow your gut every step of the way to get it. Everything is possible and all outcomes are good outcomes, even if they don’t go as you originally planned. Even if they seem to be failures at first. All action leads to growth, success, and happiness.

Whether or not it works out for me exactly as planned in Sydney is up to the universe. But I’m 100% confident that no matter what, the decision to take this leap will lead to the best possible outcome.

Here’s a few thoughts to live by if you’re in the market for a happier, more intuitive life:

  • Take the risk.
  • Ignore the friends and family who don’t support you. They’re not right, they’re just afraid.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • The world is a tiny place. See it all.
  • Judge no one and accept no one’s judgement.
  • Choose happiness in every situation.
  • Follow your gut always.
  • Don’t fear the pain of change. It is not your final destination.
  • There is no such thing as backtracking. We cannot go back. We only go forward. Downsizing, losing money, moving back in with parents, divorces, etc. These are not backtracks. On the road of life, there is only one direction and it is forward, no matter what your inner critic thinks.
  • Be open.
  • Be loving.

Thanks for reading! Happy travels! ✈ ❤