Manifestation Technique: Write & Receive

Write and receive! Last week I wrote down my intention for new friendships. I had decided I was ready to meet new women, my age or older, who were like-minded, socially integrated (ie not recluses), and authentic and connected (no more spiritual egos please). I created this little journal page with those intentions on my mind as I wrote my desire. I met 15 women this weekend who ticked every box. The connection was so beautiful between all of us that I do not doubt we will be friends for life. Funnily enough, as I scrolled through my photos to find this one, (I took it the day I wrote it), I notice that the journal is sitting atop the flyer for the retreat where I’ve met these women. Coincidence?

Writing is Magic. Use it to fuel your life. Get real with the universe and commit it to paper. Then let it go and be open to the abundance you’ll receive. ✨