Busy Mind, Painful Life

Do you ever undervalue yourself? I spent the year being so hard on myself after my move to Australia. My relationship didn’t last, I didn’t get the visa I needed to allow me to work in the country, and I couldn’t start my business as I planned. So much went wrong so fast that I completely neglected to look at all the good that was happening simultaneously. I started beating myself up. I think we all do it. But I’ve stopped, looked around, and realized that even in the shittest of storms, I’ve still created the life of my dreams – and you are doing that too. When we focus on what we HAVE accomplished, instead of beating ourselves up for what failed, we empower ourselves to create awesome things. Yesterday I stopped to look around at the life I’ve created. No, I don’t have that epic partnership I originally thought I was coming here for. And no, I don’t have the cute cafe I intended to open up. But I’ve got a lot more than I had just one year ago! I got a different visa – a yoga student visa! And although I haven’t opened that cafe, I’ve found work in my field! Plus I live right on the beach!! My life’s goal! The rest is just a bonus from here on in, I think. When everything falls apart around you, I promise, it’s going to be put back into place better than you can imagine. I almost lost hope earlier this year, but I’m on the other side and I’m telling you, it is magical. And you don’t have to work hard to get here. Just take it easy and wait out the storm, and when you can, follow your intuition.