You Are How You Eat

According to the the psychology of eating, how you eat is a direct result of how you feel. If you’re abusing yourself because you hate your body, if you’re diet feels like a punishment that you force yourself to stick to because you hate the way you look or because you’re convinced that you’re weak if you stop and listen to your emotions, then your progress – if any – will be temporary. Your thoughts manifest into things, folks! If you’re hating on yourself, imagine what you’re creating! No amount of dieting or exercise is going to make you healthy. Sure you might have a great body for a while, but what’s happening to your energy? Your adrenals? Your wellbeing? True health is not the measure of rock hard abs or a great booty. I’m not saying don’t go for this. I’m saying become aware of what health really is. So many people are murdering themselves in the gym for bodies that “look” healthy only to sacrifice their actual health, wellbeing, and the quality of their relationships. Total health is reflected in the sum of your energetic output. If you have a great body but terrible thoughts, low energy without the aid of some shake or energy shot, or superficial relationships that don’t challenge you to go deeper, then you’ve got the wrong definition of health. And that’s okay. Awareness has to start somewhere. Don’t stop going to the gym, but do start becoming aware of your thoughts, your intentions, and the kindness of your vibe. 💖✌🏼