Does Your Sweat Run Clear? Before You Switch To Natural Deodorant, You Have To Do This

Does Your Sweat Run Clear? Before You Switch To Natural Deodorant, You Have To Do This

Most people fail in making the switch to natural deodorants because of the myth that natural deo doesn’t work as well as the conventional kind. Here’s the truth: Conventional deodorants are full of artificial and dangerous chemicals. They clog your pores so much that bacteria and germs become trapped. You need to sweat this clog out for a few days (or weeks) before relying on a natural deodorant to keep you smelling fresh.

I had been experimenting with natural deodorants and the workings of my armpits ever since I came back from a one-month excavation in Europe back in 2009. The work was impossible but rewarding: The kitchen was a mess and we had nothing but hard boiled eggs, some sort of pork, and potatoes every day. Clearly, this was well before I became a nutritionist. I don’t even want to talk about the outhouse.

When I got back to Toronto I hesitated to buy new deodorant. Not having the sticky, fabric-scuffing stuff, I felt curiously liberated, so I held off. By the second week of no-deo, not only did I reek, but my armpit sweat got thicker and slimy. It was awful and alarming, but something told me it was necessary. I was determined to sweat this out and I stuck to it by washing every couple of hours to avoid offensive odours and an uncomfortable stickiness.

I’m lucky that I had the sense to allow myself a deodorant break because I now know that what was happening in my underarms was a type of detoxification that would have never happened had I put deodorant of any kind back on – including natural.

My lucky and smelly 3 weeks (that’s right) of no deodorant allowed for my body to eliminate all of the gunk that was clogging my pores and invading my lymph system. Once my body rid itself of the nastiness, my sweat ran clear and odourless, as it should.

I then purchased a natural deodorant with minerals that inhibit bacterial growth and I’ve been happy ever since. I do not use natural deodorants that clog the pores, and you shouldn’t either. Search out sprays with water bases. Use essential oils if need be, but remember to research which oils are healthy for you lymph and breast. The tissues in this region are sensitive and what goes on your skin here matters.

So how can you begin an armpit cleanse and find the natural deodorant that’s right for you? Easy! You can do it in 3 easy steps.

  1. Start by going deodorant free for at least two full weeks. You want to get to a point where your armpits are sweating out the slime. I know this is gross but it is absolutely necessary.
  2. Once you reach The Slime Point, sweat it out. Try a sauna, a hot steamy shower, or a jog around the block. Do this as often as you can until your sweat runs clear. You will notice a difference because clean sweat is not thick, rancid-smelling, or sticky. Tip: Use a skin-safe essential oil to combat the smell. Drop some of your favourite scent on a cotton pad and dab onto your armpits. Most essential oils are volatile and will kill bacteria and aid in detoxification.
  3. Once you’ve reached the clear sweat phase, you’re ready to pick a natural deodorant, or no deodorant, if you so choose.

Just like you have to let your nails breathe after wearing nail polish for a period of time, you should detox your armpits regularly after the initial cleanse. Try to go one day a week without the stuff, or one weekend a month.

If you decide to purchase a natural deodorant, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:

avoid using deodorants that are creamy. Even natural roll-ons can clog your pores, and although their ingredients are cleaner, clogged pores are a breeding ground for bacteria and odour.
Many companies make salt sprays, magnesium sprays, and essential oil roll-ons. Go with a clear, clean liquid when buying deodorant.
The magnesium brands have minerals in them that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Same with essential oil blends, with the added bonus of a natural scent. You’ll have to get used to the wetness of a spray but I promise you that it is worth it in the long run.

Note that you will still sweat, but this is a good thing. Perspiration is the body’s natural detox system. Block sweat and you’ll harbour nasty toxins in your body which, believe it or not, can lead to rashes, blemishes, allergies, and diseases later in life.

Nutritional helpers for an Armpit Detox:

If you want to be an armpit detox super star, sip on fresh sage tea each day. Do this by pouring boiled water over some fresh, organic sage leaves. Sage is antimicrobial and cleansing. It is known to help calm profuse sweating.
Limit your meat consumption to 2 times a week or less. Eat cold water fish about 3 times a week to compensate.
Limit or eliminate your sugar intake. Sugar is acidic in the body, and bacteria thrive in an acidic environment.
Eat fresh and organic parsley, cilantro, and basil. These are high in detoxifying phytonutrients and they help your body smell sweeter. Throw them in soups, salads, or tea.
Increase the amount of vegetables you eat. Include chard, zucchini, celery, lettuce, rapini, heirloom carrots, and cauliflower in your diet to obtain a wonderful variety of the vitamins and minerals that are essential helpers for your liver while it undergoes the detox process.

Have you tried an armpit detox? A deodorant break? Comment below and let me know how it went for you! I’d love to answer your questions and address your struggles.

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