True Wellness is Holistic

I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, but what uplifts me isn’t a supplement or a diet plan. What uplifts me is paying attention to my subtle bodies – the emotional and spiritual planes of my existence. I have tried many wonderful supplements and some have even helped tremendously. I have been on every diet and ‘undiet’ we holistic nutritionists have promoted.They are all wonderful and nutrient rich and I recommend an organic whole-foods diet to everyone and anyone. But what helped alleviate both my depression and my long-standing adrenal fatigue wasn’t a supplement or a green shake. It wasn’t avoiding gluten or beef. What truly uplifts me and helps me to create a peaceful and joyous existence is a heightened awareness of my energy body and a sensitivity to its needs. Wellness doesn’t stop at the gym or on your dinner plate. We must begin to pay attention to the forces within and around us that shape our internal environments. Food is the foundation, but wellness is much much more. Join my community by subscribing below to keep up to date on true holistic wellness, and contact me if you’d like a session.